Patient engagement is an increasingly important for success of clinical research. Patient Reported Outcome Measurements (PROMs) in clinical practice are critical in transition to value-based and patient-centric care.

PROMs depend on patients completing surveys and checklists on regular basis. This is often overwhelming for a sick person. Many sources indicate that only 10-30% of the patients in PROM-related studies remain engaged by the end of the study. Collecting and managing surveys and processing survey data is often challenging for clinics, healthcare professionals, and researchers.

We have developed a platform for researchers and clinicians for running PROM-related studies easily and efficiently.

  • The platform integrates into the EHR medical system
  • Provides clinicians, study administrators with valuable insights during the study
  • Offers a wide range of tools for creating and managing clinical research and studies involving PROMs
  • It collects and organizes data and exposes scoring and insights to the study participants
  • It makes it easier for the patients to stay in the studies, and to communicate with clinicians.

First Line Software developed several advanced systems for healthcare professionals, including:

and many others.

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